Saturday, February 13, 2010

Baby and New Daddy

This is a pen and ink on vellum illustration I did in Wojciech Wolynski's Degree Project Class for a page in my book.

Science in the Vatican

These are two watercolor illustrations I did in Scott Bakal's ILIV class for an assignment for an article in Discover Magazine called "Science in the Vatican." The lynx is a full page spread and the iris is a spot illustration.

Watercolor Landscape

This is a watercolor painting of the Danvers River down the street from my house. A big stepping stone in my path to getting familiar with blending and overlapping.

Experimental Watercolor Pouring Piece

I bit off a bit more than I could chew with this one in the time I had allotted for the assignment, but it is still one of my favorite watercolor paintings to date.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Left: "Tawny's Tattoos", Right: "Wabi Sabi Church"

'Tawny's Tattoos' is a technical drawing I created for an independent study, Technical Drawing II, that I had with John Roman. The 'Wabi Sabi Church' is a pencil drawing I did for Irena Roman's Advanced Drawing course. Inspired by the beauty of old and decrepit things, this half-burned down church is the quintessence of wabi sabi.

Top: "Lion Fish" Bottom: "Rear View"

Both of these are watercolor paintings. The lion fish was painted in Joe McKendry's Media Techniques class during my sophomore year at MassArt. The reflections piece was painted in August of 2009 for Wojciech Wolynski's Degree Project course. A single part of a succession of images of different mediums that show techniques of 2D artists to portray different visual perceptions to their viewers.